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Your Property Coach

Combining my experience as a business coach with my background in property development, you as a client will benefit from expertise, insight and outstanding education to transform your own property development success.

With nearly 20 years in property development, as co-director of Bow Village Ltd, and over 25 years as a leading solicitor in UK property law, I have the deep-level knowledge to empower your growth in the property arena. I give you the skills, know-how, and belief to drive your own property business to thrive.

As a skilled and respected transformational coach, I turn my success as an entrepreneur, property developer and solicitor into your success. I enable you to move from where you are today, with all its fears, inertia and barriers, to the successful ‘you’ of tomorrow.

Apartment Complex

My Story

When choosing a property coach it is essential that you trust the knowledge and skill of the individual you choose to partner with. I bring together three unique elements:

25+ years as a UK solicitor in property and commercial law

As a law entrepreneur, I founded and developed my own large and successful law firm, Adam’s Law, selling it in 2017. I don’t just understand the UK property law landscape; I’ve navigated it, time and again.

Nearly 20 years as a property developer

Co-founding Bow Village Ltd, I have sourced, developed and capitalised on properties. I own a multi-million pound portfolio of residential and commercial properties across London. I don’t just talk about property development; I’ve put my money where my mouth is.


5 years as a personal, business and property development coach

Following the sale of my legal practice in 2017 I was able to develop my role as professional transformational coach to clients ready to make their desires their reality. I don’t just have experience; I share it with others too.

It’s one thing to find a property coach with their own shiny portfolio for you to envy; it’s another to find one who is actually a skilled coach who can nurture the tools in you to succeed. It’s even rarer to find a property developer, skilled coach and someone who has in-the-trenches knowledge of UK property law!

Why choose San Chima to be your property coach?


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Benefit from insightful teachings from a property coach with their own multimillion pound portfolio in London.


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Authentic, inspiring and motivational teaching style rooted in personal knowledge, designed to transform your journey.


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Root your understanding in UK property law direct from a long-term UK solicitor.


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Have confidence you are choosing a coach whose clients have realised success time and again, over and over.


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Leverage San’s tenacity and drive as an endurance athlete and outstanding entrepreneur to bring about your own change.

Financial Freedom

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Learn how to become financially free through growing and realising your own property portfolio.

Stop thinking. Start doing!

Riverside Apartments

What Our Clients Say

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Aaron Singh, Client

“San is the definition of trust, reliability and industry expert”

How else can I help?

Explore other services I offer below below 

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At its heart, working with San Chima - Business Coaching is about identifying your vision and then understanding how you achieve it.



Coaching is, by its very nature, individual. It’s about you. However, it’s very specifically about the ‘you’ that you could be. 

Virtual Meeting

Support Clinic

A monthly gathering of a small group of like-minded businesses and deal with the daily challenges of running your own business.

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