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Business Coaching Questions?

All you wanted to know about coaching but were afraid to ask! What is business coaching? What can I gain from working with a coach? How do I know if coaching is right for me?

When considering engaging with a coach, it is very common to have many and varied questions that you would like to ask and explore before you can make an informed decision, understand the coaching process and connect with a business coach. The information on this page allows you to begin to explore the answers to many of these questions and more using the tabs below. If the question you have isn't covered here or you would like some further detail don't worry -  please get in touch for a free discovery call - I will be very happy to help. 

As a transformational coach, my services are ideal whatever stage you may be at. For entrepreneurs wanting to succeed, business owners looking to grow, workers keen to direct their career or individuals looking to boost their fitness and health. Whatever your current objectives, let’s work on them together.

  • How much does business coaching cost?
    You can find clear information on my fees here. I am predominantly a business coach, although I do offer individual coaching sessions. My fee structure reflects this.
  • Is there a difference between consulting and business coaching?
    Yes. Consulting is usually the provision of a particular skillset that is lacking within the business. Business coaching will help you grow as a business person, developing new skills and more. A consultant will offer very concrete advice. A business coach may well offer you advice, but the core aim is to enable you to make strategic decisions which serve your business objectives. ​
  • Do I need business coaching?
    Business coaching can be invaluable for a wide range of individuals. It is useful at the start-up stage of a business or for individual employees within the business. It’s useful for those taking on leadership roles or those facing redundancy or a career change. Therefore, in my opinion, pretty much anyone will benefit from business coaching, if they want to see their professional future blossom. That said business coaching is particularly useful at the T-junctions of professional life. If you feel your business could go further, or you’re starting a new business, growing rapidly, or facing difficulties, business coaching will really help. ​
  • Where does coaching take place?
    Ideally the first session will in in person at my office in Whitechapel, London E1 and thereafter over Zoom or Skype I am also available to provide coaching within the workplace within Central London by mutual agreement.
  • How long does coaching take?
    My coaching sessions can be booked as individual stand-alone sessions. However, to fully benefit from a tailored and objective-led coaching experience, I recommend a course of 6-12 sessions usually taking place as follows: the first two sessions taking place fortnightly (to allow for steps to be taken between sessions) and thereafter every 3 to 4 weeks. You can then review this. Many clients will benefit from an ongoing arrangement. The benefits of coaching are long-reaching. The skills and insight gained continue to benefit you even when sessions are ended. Find out more about individual coaching and business coaching. ​
  • Is coaching right for me?
    Coaching is an umbrella term and covers a broad range of offerings. I specifically offer individual and business transformational coaching. The primary aim of transformational coaching is to facilitate change. We do this together, by leveraging my knowledge and experience, combined with a discovery of your core beliefs and motivation. This enables you to set and achieve realistic and actionable goals to live the business life you want and achieve your objectives. Coaching therefore suits many different individuals. I am particularly skilled in assisting individuals regain passion, direction and drive in the business arena, as well as enabling those within business to succeed and lead. Find out more from my recent coaching case studies here. ​
  • My organisation is looking for executive level business coaching, can you help?"
    Yes, absolutely! My strengths lie in business success. Find out more here. I bring this, along with my coaching experience and knowledge, to each business coaching session. Whilst the role of the individual is the focus of each coaching session, this fits within the growth and goals of the wider organisation. Get in touch using the form on my home page, here. ​
  • How do you measure coaching success?
    Coaching, by its very nature can seem intangible. In your first session we will identify what success means to you. Through this, we are able to identify the desired outcomes of coaching. We work towards this through subsequent sessions, refining your objectives as needed. My style of coaching is designed to enable you to see change and see progress, in a tangibly inspiring way. In reality, this involves discussing and measuring the steps you’ve taken, as well as what remains to be done. Part of coaching is a continual review process, so that you can see the progress you are making.
  • What can I expect from a coaching session?
    A coaching session will typically last 1 hour. You can expect focused and structured conversation designed to bring clarity through my coaching expertise. The method of working is unique to you and your goals, but is objective-led. The time of each session is at your convenience. There will be tasks to undertake between coaching sessions, and coaching is always goal-orientated and measurable.
  • How can I book a coaching session?
    Please call me on +44 7973 220464 or email
  • Does a business coach tell me what to do?
    No, a business coach will not give you prescriptive advice. Any gains made in this way will be short-lived and potentially unhelpful. Whilst I use my business experience to guide, provide feedback and help you understand what is possible, my role as a business coach is to help you determine what to do. This will be done in a directed, questioning and discussion-based way which will reveal the steps you need to take and how to take them. However, as part of coaching we will identify your actions and work to ensure that these are measurable and that you are making progress with them.
  • What does business coaching cover?
    The coaching will be tailored towards your individual goals and objectives, which we will identify together. Therefore, no two coaching paths will look identical. However, specific topics we may cover include; knowing whether you’re in the right business; building your client base; brainstorming ideas; understanding relational influences; and work-life balance, to name a few.
  • What hours do you offer coaching?
    I aim to be flexible to the needs of my clients. Please call me on +44 7973 220464 or email ​
  • Do I need to know my business objectives before start business coaching?
    Not at all. In fact, this may even be the reason why you seek coaching in the first place.
  • Will my business be more profitable, or will I make more money, if I have business coaching?"
    The coach is the guide and facilitator – you’ll still be doing the work of the business. Therefore, whilst a business coach can help you get on, and stay on, the path of business success, you have to walk along that path. There are multiple cases, including from my own work history, where coaching clients have gone on to be enormously successful. Business coaching is often attributed to be a core reason for this success. But the real graft is done by the individual.
  • I’m not sure if coaching is for me, can I chat to you on the phone before booking a session?"
    I would love to chat with you on the phone to discover if coaching with me is the right option for you. You can give me a call on +44 7973 220464.
  • Can you save my business?
    If your business is struggling then we can certainly explore why this may be, and work on strategies to help it – if that is the appropriate course of action. Sometimes the hardest decision is to realise when it is time to stop and change direction. Business coaching will help with this too. ​ It is very common for clients to come to coaching when their business is in a mess. Coaching can turn it around and I have seen this happen many times. I am always honest and empathic, understanding the emotional investment in your business. ​
  • Is it worthwhile to get business coaching when I’m just starting out?
    It can be tempting to avoid the cost of business coaching early on. However, the initial outlay of coaching can prevent you from making costly mistakes. By helping you identify the right path for your business early on, business coaching typically represents a fantastic return on investment. Indeed, it’s not unusual for clients to come to me, several months after starting their business, only to exclaim they wish they had come sooner!
  • Do you help me make business connections?
    Sometimes, depending on your area of business and whether the people I know would be useful to you. I can also help you identify where to find and access the contacts and network you need. ​
  • Do we talk about things in my personal life?
    I predominantly offer business coaching. However, the different areas of your life don’t exist in a vacuum. We will, at times, explore your motivations and challenges, and to some degree this will involve talking about non-business issues. However, to get the most from business coaching, you want to be in reasonably good shape to focus on the business, and coaching is neither counselling nor psychotherapy.
  • Do you have any testimonials?
    You can see my testimonials and types of previous clients here. You can also see more about individual case studies here. It is vital to me that I protect the identity of my clients, unless they have expressly stated that I may use their name.
  • What is transformational coaching?
    Transformational coaching focuses on change. It doesn’t do this by changing who you are. What it does do is uncover your latent skills and motivation to achieve the transformation you want to see within your life, whether that’s within a professional setting, or personally. With my coaching, we predominantly focus on change in your business life. By focusing, through coaching, on the plan, structure and motivation you need, you don’t just ‘succeed’ but learn what success means to you. ​ ​

These questions are designed to serve as a starting point for individuals seeking a business coach and to help you make an informed decision so you can establish a successful coaching relationship from the beginning. Of course, it goes without saying, that the effectiveness of business coaching largely depends on the commitment and openness of the individual or team seeking coaching.

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