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 Uniquely Experienced Business Development Coaching  

My Business Coaching is the springboard, but you hold the spring. You already possess the tools you need to succeed. My coaching enables you to find these tools and resources; you have the potential, coaching is about harnessing it.


The role of the coach, the importance of you

I have immense breadth of life and business experience which I’ve achieved through successfully challenging my own limiting internal beliefs. I have proven success in business, owning and running my own. I am a qualified coach with proven success there too. But at its heart, coaching is not about the coach. It’s about You. The importance of the coach lies in their skills and experience in unlocking what already lies within you. 














The power of transformational coaching

A transformational coach doesn’t simply listen to your goal and help you map the journey from A to B whilst being your cheer leader, a transformational coach helps you to unveil the strengths within you to not only achieve your current goal, but to refine your focus capitalising on your strengths and leap-frogging your weaknesses. The approach taken is about more than today’s goal, but involves restructuring of your internal thought processes so that you define success and you achieve it – today, tomorrow and for the future.










My transformational coaching is the fresh perspective you need

My coaching practice achieves multiple goals. We find the key to your success. I instil confidence based on concrete grounding. I facilitate change. We re-write the map. We don’t just set your goals, we refine them with purpose. We measure them. My objectivity cuts through the mire of where you are, to carve an achievable path to where you want to be. This is personalised development, a tool for both business and life. My coaching is about achieving peak performance. It’s about productivity. It’s about success.


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So, How Can I Help?

Find out more about the services I offer below below 

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At its heart, working with San Chima - Business Coaching is about identifying your vision and then understanding how you achieve it.



Coaching is, by its very nature, individual. It’s about you. However, it’s very specifically about the ‘you’ that you could be. 

Virtual Meeting

Support Clinic

A monthly gathering of a small group of like-minded businesses and deal with the daily challenges of running your own business.

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