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Hello. I am San Chima, a highly experienced business coach in London. I see my most important role as coach as one of ‘transformation’. I enable you to achieve in the short-term within the framework of refined goals. However, my real success is in the change. Through my experience, guidance and development of your core beliefs, my coaching facilitates long-term success.

Coaches sit in an unusual position. A client truly benefits from who the coach is as an individual.
We need to have ‘been there, done that’.


I am a 60 year old father, husband, uncle, solicitor, mentor, property portfolio builder and a sucker for a long-distance endurance challenge. This didn’t just happen.

How I Can Help

Find out more about the services I offer below below 

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At its heart, working with San Chima - Business Coaching is about identifying your vision and then understanding how you achieve it.



Coaching is, by its very nature, individual. It’s about you. However, it’s very specifically about the ‘you’ that you could be. 

Virtual Meeting

Business Support Clinic

A monthly gathering of a small group of like-minded businesses and deal with the daily challenges of running your own business.



Growing up in East London in the 1970s, I was fortunate to attend an academically focused school – Brampton Manor Comprehensive. Through the 1980s I juggled launching my law career alongside gaining business acumen helping to run the family builder’s merchants.

Following a promising start to my career, the 1990s recession hit hard. Personally I hit life’s low, probably along with much of the rest of the country.

Picking myself up having gained some valuable life lessons, I decided to start my own law practice. Named Adam’s Law (you needed to get ahead of the alphabet game back in the Yellow Pages days!) I anxiously waited 3 months for my first client. Contrary to expectations I succeeded in making a profit starting in that very first year and every year after that (bar 2010 thanks to the shenanigans with Lehman Brothers) right up until I sold it.

In 1997 I bought one of the branches of the law firm where I was previously made redundant. We jumped from 6 to 30 staff, quadrupling turnover overnight. Here I learned the value of mature relationships and trust, sealing the deal with a handshake with my former boss.

Powering past the millennium in a period of business growth and building an enviable property portfolio, 2012 saw me catch the cycling bug.

Personal loss and the time to reflect on two wheels enabled me to realise there was yet more life to be embraced. This culminated in me selling my law firm in 2017 so that I could concentrate on my property portfolio, coaching and cycling.

I have definitely ‘been there, done that’ - but I’m still ready for more.



I am a successful entrepreneur. Starting a fledgling law firm from nothing, I built it up over a course of 24 years before selling it with an enviable reputation. Alongside this I have built a multi million pound property portfolio. In between all this I’ve run marathons, one Ultramarathon, cycled from Lands’ End to John O’Groats, across France end-to-end and the same for Italy. I’ve experienced life’s highs and lows and flourished.

This isn’t to pat myself on the back. I am not unusual. You have this ability too. Whatever your desires, business objectives, hopes and dreams, you can make them a reality. Your innate ability is there. Transformational coaching is simply the key which unlocks the door which is currently holding it all back. 


My philosophy is simple and covered by a nice piece of text speak: YOLO – You Only Live Once. I refuse to only achieve a fraction of what life offers due to self-limiting beliefs; limits are there to be tested. Through my coaching I can help you achieve the same, your way.


This is your life – personally and in terms of business – let’s embrace it. 

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