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My coaching is the conduit to change. As a highly experienced coach I specialise in individual and business success coaching which doesn’t just move you from A to B. Instead, together, we re-write the map so that every journey you take from now on benefits from how you develop today. 

You will gain greater confidence and control of thoughts and actions. Coaching is the most tailored development method you’ll ever discover - your only regret will be that you didn't discover it sooner. 

I bring together a unique and powerful triad of skills: coach, business owner (and employer) and investor. Let me help take you where you want to go.

"Through his brilliant techniques, advice and bedside manner, he has been able to help guide my business onto a better path than ever before."
Farshad - Alpha Networks

How I Can I Help?

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At its heart, working with San Chima - Business Coaching is about identifying your vision and then understanding how you achieve it.



Coaching is, by its very nature, individual. It’s about you. However, it’s very specifically about the ‘you’ that you could be. 

Virtual Meeting

Support Clinic

A monthly gathering of a small group of like-minded businesses and deal with the daily challenges of running your own business.

"I am getting the exact clients that I have aspired to with your coaching help as well as now having a team working for me. This has been achieved in 6 - 7 months with your help."
Peter - Marketing Specialist

Without doubt, Individual and business coaching are powerful tools in your self-development arsenal. However, not all coaching is created equally. 

Combining coaching excellence with personal and business success, I enable clients to achieve long-lasting change which doesn’t just enable them to achieve goals today. My method of work is about enabling you to develop so that my coaching becomes your internal toolkit, there for the long run.


The combination of a highly personalised approach alongside my experienced perspective, is your springboard to success individually, and within business.

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