San Chima Transformational  Coach in London moves you to focused and confident action. It transforms. Coaching is a personalised tool which does more than achieve goals. Like a physical trainer for the mind, I can help you to develop successfully. I enable you to capitalise on your strengths and leverage your weaknesses to refine your goals. Coaching enables you to succeed.




Individual coaching is about developing fresh perspective and self-confidence to use your internal thought processes to your advantage. It is here we take who you are and consider who you want to be. From work-life balance through to career goals, individual coaching is about empowering your future.



Use experience and objectivity to your advantage, drive your business where it needs to go through being the best version of yourself. Increase productivity, achieve goals, and head confidently towards success.  A Transformational Business Coach isn’t just your cheer-leader, they are your personal development squad, enabling you to not just set goals, but exceed them.


San Chima - Transformational Coach London

Adams House, 127-129 Mile End Road, 

Whitechapel, London E1 4BG, United Kingdom

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San has been my coach for over 5 months.

Before we started working together, I had an idea on how to grow my business but after my initial meeting with San, I realized that there was more than one way to succeed.


Further, in addition to growing my business, there were other goals and ambitions that I ought to take onboard. San helped me find clarity in my vision. 


As a direct result of San's coaching :

  • I am earning more,

  • I am working smarter instead of harder,

  • I have the time to plan my work and as important, I have made time to relax

  • I am working ON my business instead of IN my business and 

  • I have more energy for everything 

San has a quiet but challenging style and, as agreed with him, he holds me accountable. His depth and variety of experience is valuable and with his help, I am managing to remove some self-imposed obstacles in growing my business 


It is not an exaggeration to say that he has in all honesty fine tuned my skills, made me a better person and business owner. 


San is inspirational. His coaching sessions have had a very positive impact on my life."


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