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San Chima Coaching for Entrepreneurs
Helping businesses thrive! 

Business Coaching for Mortgage Advisors

Working with a London financial advisor who said he had reached a plateau in terms of motivation and growing his business. Using transformational business coaching, I helped him, over a period of time, to overcome imposter syndrome, rediscover his enthusiasm and motivation, agreeing and setting new goals and strategies including an improved work life balance.


A luxury fashion label entrepreneur was looking for a business coach in London to support the implementation of a strategy for the launch of his luxury label, including developing a plan for attracting angel investors in this new start-up. 

Business Coaching for Fashion Label
Business Coaching for Restaurant Owners

Working with a restaurant owner and entrepreneur based in London, helping him devise a strategy with a view to exiting the business in 3 years time and until then helping him on how to better manage the business, increase it's efficiency and profitability, and for him to be able to take some much needed time off to enjoy with his family!


Working with a mortgage broker aged 40 who had reached something of a career / life crossroads. He was looking for some individual coaching in London to help him identify his passions and road map his at future career both in terms of mortgage broking, a residential lettings business and following his passion to implement his recently acquired skills from an MBA programme.

Individual Coaching for Mortgage Advisors
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