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Overcoming AI Challenges

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

AI Challenges for Businesses

A big challenge that’s rearing its ugly head for many of my entrepreneurial clients at the moment is the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). While there are tonnes of articles that will give you the heebie-jeebies about AI making your work obsolete, none seem to address the core of the issue: the impact of AI tools on our jobs is merely another business challenge to hurdle.

And, as entrepreneurs, we are collectively good at scaling hurdles. In fairly recent memory, successful entrepreneurs have faced hurdles that seemed impossible at the time: the Credit Crunch, a global pandemic, and the invasion of Ukraine, to name a few. As a business coach and entrepreneur who has been through not one, but three recessions, I know that the rise of AI is just another challenge, and we can apply the same approaches to overcoming other challenges.

Here are 5 of my best tips for overcoming challenges.

1. Face the challenge head on

Get your head out of the sand and feel the fear, and look the challenge in the face. Take some time to think about the challenge, what it means for your business, and how you can address it. Make a plan.

2. View it as an opportunity for growth

Rather than seeing challenges as roadblocks, try to see them as opportunities for growth. The rise of AI, for example, presents an opportunity to streamline processes and improve efficiency so you can do more and do it better.

3. Diversify your business

Diversification is a balm soothing challenges. By diversifying, you can reduce your reliance on any one area and increase your resilience.

4. Use past lessons, and those of others

The challenges you and trusted others faced in the past can provide valuable lessons for the future. What worked last time? Or what worked for someone else? Use these insights.

5. Use past lessons, and those of others

Facing challenges is tough. You need someone to bounce ideas off and provide counsel, guidance and motivation.

So, if you're facing a business challenge, remember you can do this – it’s just another hurdle that will make you stronger on the other side.

If you want to discover how coaching can help you overcome your business challenges, get in touch with me today.

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San Chima

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