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Every month, I shall host a one-hour zoom business support clinic. 


The aim is to gather  together a small group of like-minded businesses and deal with the daily challenges of running your own business.


The structure is simple, each session we will cover one or two topics that will be relevant to the needs of the group. The topics cover the challenges of running your own business and will include some of the following : 

   • Starting up - Begin with the end in mind 

   • Small business finances - the basics

   • Motivation - 8 sure-fire ways to stay motivated 

   • Hiring staff ( and how not to fire them!) 

   • How to deal with suppliers/sub-contractors 

   • Terms & Conditions - yours & theirs 

   • Imposter syndrome - you are not alone 

   • Growing Pains - slow down 

   • Cashflow - in and out 

   • Management accounts - keep it simple 

   • Hiring (& firing) Accountants!

   • Hiring (& firing) Solicitors!

   • Funding - good debt & bad debt 

   • Employment Tribunals - how to avoid them 

   • How to handle contract disputes 

   • Burnout - what are the signs?

   • How to sell a business - do you have a business to sell? 

   • Exceptional customer care - through the eyes of the customer 
   • Time management
   • and lots more

This is a subscription service, with a charge of £30 a month (minimum 6 months). I will be on hand for follow up questions via email in the days after the sessions. I will respond as and when possible.




San Chima Transformational Business Coach
San Chima
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