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San Chima Coaching - Business Coach London

At its heart, working with San Chima - Business Coach - London - is about identifying your vision and then understanding how you achieve it, as well as keeping you accountable to that end. 

Business coaching is about the journey to success. Using experience and coaching methods to objectively guide perspective and a framework of accountability, a skilled business coach helps the business through the individual. 

Business isn’t easy. Coaching doesn’t minimise this. It does help you leverage your own strengths and weaknesses to lead, grow, start or expand. 

Business coaching is a self-development tool which aligns individual and business goals and strategizes how both individual and business can benefit. It’s not just about keeping an individual on track, but finding that track in the first place.

I liken business coaching to rocket fuel. You could get from A to B with regular fuel in your vehicle. To get there faster, more skilfully and with confidence, you need something extra. You are not redundant without the coach, but you are empowered by them. They don’t do the work for you, but they do help you identify how to do it more productively and keep you accountable to ensure you do.

Take control of your business and your role within it through San Chima - London Business Coach.

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